Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1st Day Of the 1st Term 2009

Booked a colleague and myself into the Victorian Information Technology Teachers Association Inc.'s Don't leave it to chance... VET Interactive Digital Media and Cert III Essentials

Spoke to the Principal and Vice Principal about getting a desk within the high school

Attended the first staff meeting of 2009 for PIC

Meet with Andrew, a technician, in relation to Studywiz.

Started reading about the School ICT Infrastructure Roadmap and Strategic Plan.

Checked website and alerted IT that it is down.

Tuesday January 27th 2009

ICTEV ICT in Education Victoria Membership Paid -

VITTA The Victorian Information Technology Teachers Association - Membership Paid

Students logins 2009 - Documentation neets to be kept on staff intranet.

Passwords and logins need to be disseminated to students.

Teachers will need to be advised on how to notify IT to reset passwords for students.

Staff need to notify all computer issues to Minh a.s.a.p

Have emailed Stephen about all issues relating to VET and are organizing a meeting for next week.