Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Professional Activities List 2009

Activities List.
The following is a list of other school activities that I have been involved in or attended during the first half of 2009:

PIC Photographic Imaging College Staff Meetings
Hawthorn Secondary College - VET Multimedia Staff Meetings
Removal Of Staff Room, before renovations
S.R.C. End Of Term BBQ
Annual Photographic Camp to the Otways
Student counseling
VET Report writing
Excursions to NGV
PIC Sound and Image Night
Alfred Brash Sound House Moderation Meetings

The following is a list of activities I have had co-ordinated:

Conducted formalized interviews of applicants to the college
Liaison with S.R.C and planning and production of events.
Assisted in planning and production of off campus workshops.
Helped, plan, prepare and run the annual camp.
Updates and contributions to the college Blog
Updates and contributions to the college Myspace
Updates and contributions to the college website.
Updates and contributions to the college Facebook.
Plan, prepare and ran folio excursions to National Gallery Of Victoria, CCP, Brunswick Street Gallery.
Planned, ran, and kept minutes for the PIC Staff meetings.
Kept minutes for the Hawthorn Secondary VET Multimedia Staff Meetings.
Production of college promotion, publicity, exhibition, of the Sound and Image Night
Updated and maintained information and records on College Database

HSC's Digital Take Off

VITTA Slide To Open

I was recently asked to attend the VITTA's (Victorian Information Technology Teachers Association) to sit in a product council for one of the peices of technology that we use at the HSC. Unfortunately, I signed a Non Disclosure Agreement so I can't talk about the product too much but I can talk about the conference! Most of the booths at the conference I was familiar with. Studywiz and Smarthboard, both had stands. I didn't really see anything of interest for HSC. Now, this doesn't disappoint me, just makes me realize more that the technologies in place are excellent, and the skills of all the stand using the technology needs to be updated and maintained regularly. In saying this I think Hawthorn has made significant leaps and bounds to implement PD strategies, ie The Introduction of more Interactive Whiteboards and the focused introductions to Studywiz.

A primary school in a growing suburb on the outskirts of a major Australian capital city decided to install interactive whiteboards in all teaching rooms. Within several months all teachers were using the technology. In fact, so rapid was the surge in teachers acceptance that the term 'digital take-off' was coined. - "Leading a digital school." Mal Lee and Michael Gaffney

I think HSC is in a bit of a 'digital take-off.' Most staff members I have approached have been trying to or using the technologies we have implemented into the school. To reiterate the point, with the Ultranet coming to Victorian schools in 2010, directed eCurriculum PD in the new year is a must.