Thursday, May 13, 2010

eCurriculum Matters Term 2

Seems like there is so much going on this term and I can't quite get in top of it.

Recently we had our Studywiz updated. Apparently it was many versions behind. There is still a few issues we are dealing with.
Studywiz is currently over capacity with the amount of user inputted into it.
My technician is receiving error messages that we have emailed the Studywiz support team.
Staff are finding Activities from past teachers that they cannot delete nor can I.

The ultranet is coming. Unfortunately, I'll refrain from blogging about it until more information has come about. There are many things that may come from this, including extra work for different people.

We have asked the staff to complete ePotential. There is some people who cannot access it.

On the PIC side things are traveling along ok.