Monday, September 7, 2009

Sept 7th - Quality Indicators Workshop.

Background and context
QI is a compliance issue. It must be done.
Assist RTO's to collect and use data.
1st July and Learner Engagement and Employer Satisfaction Quality Indicators based on 2009 Activity. REGISTERING BODY REPORT.

Continuous Improvement
Why do we need continuous Improvement?
It is important because it keeps the course relevant and current. Feedback from clients helps answer the questions are we doing the job properly. To comply with the AQTF standards.
Ongoing cyclical process for improvement.
Making small improvements in processes based on evidence. Focusses on on outcomes rather than processes.

Continuous improvement cycle.
Planning Continuous Improvement > Selecting Learners to Survey > Using the Learner Questionnaire > Administering the Survey > Analyzing Data > Improving Training > Review Results >

should know what it's about and how it informs out continuous improvement.


The types of data collected are:
Surveys - QI, Clients and Staff.
Enrollments and Completion
Employment outcomes

Everyone should be involved in these processes.

Surveys and SMART Software
Learner Questionnaire - The first page is mandated.
The second page is demographic data that does not need to be collected.

Employer Questionnaire

ACER Smart Resources
Email ACER for relevant password.

The ACER online system has the capacity to create online links for students and employees to complete surveys.

Analyzing the QI
What key questions should be 'asked" of the data?

Who should be involved in the analysis of the report? All staff.
How often will the analysis be done. Once a year at least for 222
What results or issues are you expecting to find from the analysis? Where learners are dissatisfied with their learning.
What are the key training questions we want to answer ffrom the analysis of this data? What areas specifically need to be improved.

Reading the data.
How do our learners and employers rate our training?
How well do we rate compared with our 'like' competitors?
Are there any scale that rate poorly?
Are these results what we expected?
What other data can inform the issues raised by the surveys?
What can we do to improve out service based upon the survey results?
How could this analysis inform our long term strategic planning?

Improvement Strategy

PIC Planning Issues and Choices
Using the the ACER software we can email or provide a link to students to complete survey.
We would need to have at least two groups. 1st Year and 2nd Year.
We can also have a employer surveys.
This would be best used for testing the process because the data is not compulsory yet.
This data only needs to be collected once a year.
The data needs to be collected this year and used by the 1st July 2010 as a compulsory activity implemented by the AQTF.
Currently we have a X amount of hand written surveys by students.
Not all students have completed but we have more then majority so this data will be fine.
This will need to manually entered into the SMART software and a report produced and sent off to AQTF.
VET Multimedia will also be surveyed for this year. Different groups should be used.