Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Application For Responsibility

I am going to apply for a specialist position next year. I've always felt really awkward writing these application documents. Baring all, this what I'm thinking of submitting. Please leave me feedback or email me at marcus@pic.org.au.

Why have you applied forthe position?

I am interested in the E Curriculum position in 2009 to broaden my teaching and learning areas of expertise. I have always been interested in education technologies and using them in and outside of the classroom. Working with colleagues to help improve their learning and teaching is also something I am interested in exploring.

What skills or attributes do you bring to the position?

I am a young self directed and enthusiastic educator interested in exploring new technologies. I am interested in helping colleagues adapt and learn about new technologies which, can inform their own pedagogy. I also have skills in web design, blogging, podcasting, and understanding and utilisation of web 2.0 technologies.

Having read the specific duties, what ideas/strategies would you employ in 2009 to create a culture of high expectations for teachers and students alike: Teacher and Student learning

I would like to implement Podcasting into the school. Podcasting can provide students learning opportunities in ways in which traditional may not. Podcasts can be listened to on a computer, transferred onto a MP3 player or iPod, and even a mobile phone that can play audio files! Students can access them online at home or at school. I plan to implement a structure that would allow teachers to create podcast content that students could access. Teachers can utilize this technology to engage students out of the classroom, with new and or extra content in their curriculum. There are also many podcasts available for students and for teacher’s professional development. Incorporating a podcast library into the school, were students and teachers can access and download podcasts onto their own devices is something that can be explored. I also intend to explore ePotential ICT Capabilities Resource in supporting teachers developing their skills to integrate ICT into their classrooms, and gain understanding of the Ultranet is a student centered electronic learning environment.
I would also like to explore Wikispaces with teachers. http://www.wikispaces.com Wikispaces let groups of people create and edit simple web pages focused around a community. Wikispaces are a great way to engage students, share resources and promote communication and collaboration. The creating, editing and use of online Wikispaces for use in and out of the classroom can be. Individual classes or subjects can have online spaces for sharing of information.

Professional learning

Along with teaching the basic skills of Podcasting and Wikispaces, I am interested in teachers learning how to incorporate the use of blogging into their own practice. A more professional writing tool than that of Wikispaces, blogging is a great way to document ideas, discuss professional development and interact with professional educators all around the world. A blog is a web site, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. A blog is a great way to document the critical reflection, exploration and expansion of professional knowledge and practice online. It can be used as evidence gathering tool for VIT. You can find my professional development blog at http://mjnpd.blogspot.com/
I would also like to explore and give an understanding of Web 2.0 technologies for teachers to use in the classroom.Most web 2.0 sites allow you as the user to make your content and interact with other people. Online technologies are freely available to all teachers and students. There is a myriad of uses, for them that could be explored.

Administrative Duties

I would ensure that the e curriculum network is maintained and students and teachers alike have access and are confident with technology in their learning and teaching. I will liaise with technicians, School Council and prepare all relevant administrative documents such as budgets and site licenses, and use and abuse of the network, including cyber bullying.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Certificate IV In Training And Assessment Enrollment.

I have enrolled into a Certificate IV In Training And Assessment - TAA40104-OC course @ Homesglen TAFE in December. I am going to be claiming Recognition of Prior Learning for most of the course. I am doing this as it is a standard of the AQTF that all trainers have this qualification.The modules are as such are :

  • Plan And Organise Assessment
  • Assess Competence
  • Develop Assessment Tools
  • Participate In Assessment Validation
  • Provide Training Through Instruction And Demonstration Of Work Skills
  • Plan And Organise Group-based Delivery
  • Facilitate Group-based Learning
  • Facilitate Individual Learning
  • Facilitate Work-based Learning
  • Use Training Packages To Meet Client Needs
  • Design And Develop Learning Programs
  • Work Effectively In Vocational Education And Training
  • Foster And Promote An Inclusive Learning Culture
  • Ensure A Healthy And Safe Learning Environment

What's been happening?

I was offered a full time job, but unfortunately declined as I feel I need to further explore the job I have currently.

My year 12's had their VET Multimedia exam, and claimed that is was "pretty easy."

Year 11 and 12 Multimedia were marked and sent out.

We prepared for the audit. We were audited.

The first years had their assessment.

We had the Graduate Exhibition @ Glen Eira, Town Hall. The show is on until the 16th November.

I enrolled into a Certificate IV In Training And Assessment - TAA40104-OC course. I will undertake it in December.

I enjoyed the first round of work Xmas parties on the weekend, and celebrated in style with The Art Centre crew.

Pretty much all in a week. Too many holidays for teachers? With a workload like this? Not enough I say.