Tuesday, July 24, 2012

18th Biennale of Sydney Cockatoo Island, Sydney 2012

Sydney - Art / /Photography Professional Development

Jacky Redgate Art Gallery NSW


Untitled (Vase Shape #1–#5), 1989

wood, ceramic, acrylic, 5 parts, each 149.0 x 70.0 x 105.0 cm

Art Gallery of New South Wales are deidicating more space to photography and are planning three major shows. The show when I visited was Gallery’s collection of Jacky Redgates from the 1980s until now. A mixture of installation and photography, the work was large and engaging. The work would be great to introduce the mixture of multiple art forms.

Reflecting on the traditions of modernity in particular, Redgate enquires into the technological, scientific, philosophical and aesthetic ideas that we have inherited. While pulling these apart, she also demonstrates that there is a positive, poetic value in such deconstruction, as can be seen in her seductively mysterious photograph Light throw (mirrors) #1 2009.
Quote from Art Gallery NSW. The exhibition is part of the Gallery’s program Focus on contemporary 2012.

Saskia Olde Wolbers Art Gallery NSW

Saskia Olde Wolbers video art piece, "Placebo" was amazing.
Placebo is filmed in real time in miniature sets covered in paint and submerged in water.
Quote from artist's website.

Hijacked III - Australian Centre For Photography

25 artists from opposite sides of the globe offer unique photographs ranging from oblique takes on portraiture and collage to snapshots of society at its best and worst. The exhibition presents far reaching photographic practices which question what it means to look, catch or construct images for the 21st century.

Notable artists Melinda Gibson for her montage work and Petrina Hicks for her hyper real portraits.

Monday, July 25, 2011


HSC will be purchasing Acer Aspire 1830T.

Edustar image will be including tutorials on how to use applications.
It will also include Premiere.

It might be a good idea to run a boot camp with the groups of students when the net books are being deployed.

Once school created a tech squad to help out with some of the technical demands.

Parents and students are not allowed to pay for the cost of using the net book.
However principals can charge for misuse of broken / misused net books.

What may constitute misuse?
- Not taking a netback home in case
- Leaving a net book unattended / locked away

Things To Research

Jacaranda Ebooks - digital copies

From the website, "A free world-class education for anyone anywhere.

The Khan Academy is an organization on a mission. We're a not-for-profit with the goal of changing education for the better by providing a free world-class education to anyone anywhere.

All of the site's resources are available to anyone. It doesn't matter if you are a student, teacher, home-schooler, principal, adult returning to the classroom after 20 years, or a friendly alien just trying to get a leg up in earthly biology. The Khan Academy's materials and resources are available to you completely free of charge."

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Interactive Digital Media Scored Assessment Workshop

VIT Code 156N19193

Attended the VCAA Interactive Digital Media Scored Assessment Workshop to brush up on producing effective and proper assessment tools for Unit 3 / 4.

The VCE VET Task Types - Glance at guides document was quite useful at breaking down of how a task can be produced. It clearly states what can put into each task, ie length of project, word count for written parts etc. I'll take this information and reassess where I can change the current task. This in turn should make it easy for students to understand what is expected of them.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Deploy Studio

Deploy Studio is a program that allows you to clone your current hard drive image and deploy it onto other computers. This has been useful in keeping our Mac computers up to date for the students to use. I took myself through about a days worth of self guided learning through the help pages and pdf's of the Deploy Studio website. I was able to copy the current images and put in on another computer. Not without hiccups before understanding clearly what I need to do. The major step need for me to use this application was creating a new os on a portable hard drive in order to run Deploy Studio off. Also setting up the program in relation to creating a server took me a few goes. Overall it was a good experience in which I will be able to take these skills and utilised them in the future to make out workflow smoother.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Explanation of PD 2010

  1. Ultranet Lead User Training - 10hrs - Delivered by Bruce Barton introduction of the Ultranet to lead users. Initial thoughts are not that easy to use unless lots of practice given. Should create a stronger link between student and teacher.
  2. Delivered Personal Studywiz/Smartboards - 20 hrs -Delivered personal training to individuals.
  3. Delivered Studywiz PD - 4hrs - Delivered training to large groups on how to use and integrate learning tasks with Studywiz.
  4. VITTA VET Interactive Digital Media Day - 11hrs - Held at Melbourne University, the staff of VITTA demonstrated and discussed the approach to assessment task for the new certificate. Found the prepare video assets most useful.
  5. PMA - Digital Life Expo - 4hrs - Visited the PMA Australia Digital Life Expo. Viewed many cameras, computers, printers, various hardware and software. Particularly interested in the Drobo back up solutions and how it would be appropriate for the Multimedia and Photography industry in relation to backing up clients work.
  6. Wordpress Website Maintenance and Training - 3hrs - Provided by web designer Jin Wang to run and update Hawthorn Secondary College website. Information and training will be very useful in discussing templates, html and updating websites within Interactive Digital media.
  7. Self directed Dreamweaver and Flash Training 6hrs - Searched and watched online youtube and vimeo clips looking at CS4.
  8. Alfred Stieglitz- the Lake George Years in Sydney The Art Gallery of New South Wales 1hrs- Visited The Art Gallery of Sydney to specifically see this show. The show was excellently laid out and the explanations of the artworks were easy to read. Stieglitz work of personal nature contrasted by some better known explorations of the city. I liked the idea of continually shooting and exploring a place or subject.
  9. Paths To Abstraction - The Art Gallery of New South Wales 1hrs - An excellent introduction to early abstract work up until the 1980’s. Noticed a lot of works were borrowed from the NGV.
  10. Heide’s Educators Forum: Photography 7hrs - Natalie King, curator of the Up Close – Carol Jerems show spoke of her experiences of organizing such a show. Interesting to hear how far research can go.
  11. Up Close - Carol Jerrems with Larry Clark, Nan Goldin and William Yang Heide Museum of Modern Art 1hr - An excellent show combining artist of similar genres. Nan Goldin’s multimedia slide projector piece was excellent for students to see the narrative and relationship to music.
  12. Timelines exhibition NGV International - 1hrs - From the catalogue “The camera’s ability to depict ‘a moment in time’ - to stop the clock for a brief moment – gives photographs a unique capacity to direct our consideration towards the mechanics and poetics of this pervasive and mysterious cosmic force.”
  13. Re_View Photography Exhibition NGV International - 1hr - Interesting to see what photographs the NGV has in its archive.
  14. Ricky Swallow Exhibition The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia - 1hr - Ricky Swallow is an Australian sculptor (born in San Remo, Victoria in 1974), who lives and works in Los Angeles. He creates painstakingly detailed pieces and installations in a variety of media, often utilizing objects of everyday life as well as the body (bones etc.). From wiki www.rickyswallow.com/
  15. Mystery Tour -The Boulevard- E5 - 5hrs - Staff PD day held at The Boulevard. Focused on E5 initiative.
  16. Weekly PIC staff meetings - 84hrs - Attended weekly meetings discussing the general running of PIC Photographic Imaging College.
  17. SoundHouse meeting with Peter Wakefield 3hrs - Attended meeting discussing current training package and timetable.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ultranet Plans

Plans for August 9th.

Looking into the Meeting schedule to deliver information that passwords will need to changed.
Staff will need to register on the IDAM. Maybe this can be done on the same day to avoid wasting time on August 9th.

Jennie interested in putting together a powerpoint.
The staff to be split into 2 groups.
F1 and F2 to be used.
The most important part we felt of the training was letting us play around. We would like to emulate this.
Using the laminated cards to set people on some small simple tasks in the morning.
The treasure hunt task we completed would be good for the afternoon.
Minh should be available for technical problems on the day.

Areas of focus.
The eXpress spaces good for engaging initial contact.
Tasks could include:
Understanding applications.
Changing profile.
Control Panel.
Finding people.
Writing a blog.

Design space
It would be good to find excellent examples to show staff. At the moment this is the most valuable part of the Ultranet.

Beyond August 9th.
No student access until staff have had adequate training.
This is not a race and the DEECD have told use we are to make out own decisions implementing.