Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ultranet Plans

Plans for August 9th.

Looking into the Meeting schedule to deliver information that passwords will need to changed.
Staff will need to register on the IDAM. Maybe this can be done on the same day to avoid wasting time on August 9th.

Jennie interested in putting together a powerpoint.
The staff to be split into 2 groups.
F1 and F2 to be used.
The most important part we felt of the training was letting us play around. We would like to emulate this.
Using the laminated cards to set people on some small simple tasks in the morning.
The treasure hunt task we completed would be good for the afternoon.
Minh should be available for technical problems on the day.

Areas of focus.
The eXpress spaces good for engaging initial contact.
Tasks could include:
Understanding applications.
Changing profile.
Control Panel.
Finding people.
Writing a blog.

Design space
It would be good to find excellent examples to show staff. At the moment this is the most valuable part of the Ultranet.

Beyond August 9th.
No student access until staff have had adequate training.
This is not a race and the DEECD have told use we are to make out own decisions implementing.

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